Thursday, 10 September 2015

Reu aged 10-12 months

Reuben aged 10-12 months

- Reuben has become an expert sleeper! He now sleeps the whole way through the night and has a regular and predictable (praise The Lord!) nap. He sleeps for at least 2 hours every afternoon! It's bliss. He puts himself to sleep, no tears, no fuss. The little cherub is way more content and I am too. I think I'll be trying a strict routine like this earlier on with the next baby (there is none in existence yet, don't get excited!) 

- Reu has become very good at walking while holding onto fingers or while walking with the baby walker. He goes fast!  

- He responds to instructions and questions much more....

When you ask him to 'clap your hands' he does, or 'point to the... tree, flowers, ladies' (decorative ladies in our coving) he does. 

- Reu initiates games of 'peek a boo' while in the bath 

- He waves and says 'baba' when you leave a room, or he leaves a room, or in response to others saying it first. 

- Reuben is a kisser! He loves kisses. He kisses with a pout and with a baby kiss (mouth open like a fish). He instigates kisses, he kisses teddies, he kisses pictures of animals, he kissed several of his birthday cards. He's so affectionate. 

- He leans in for snuggles, he especially loves to do this with daddy. 

- Reu had a lovely first birthday party with lots of friends coming to celebrate with us. He had his first taste of cake (blueberry muffin, with icing and blueberries on top). He was not really interested in the cake, he was just delighted to pick the blueberries off the top and eat them. Most of the cakey bit was thrown on the floor in disapproval! 

I can't believe that our boy is a year old. What an amazing year it has been. He's brought so much joy, laughter and smiles to our lives, and we're so grateful to God for him. 

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