Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Reuben from 2-4 months

Here are some things that little Reu is doing now, that I'm afraid I'll forget all about when he's older. They probably aren't of interest to anyone else, but it's surprising how brilliant these little milestones and personality quirks are to a parent. I'm keen to remember them.

1) Smiles. When someone's talking to him, singing to him, tickling him, reading 'that's not my lamb!' to him. He even smiles when he doesn't want to, like this morning when I woke him up and changed his nappy and he was hungry and disgruntled and crying. He still couldn't help but smile :)

2) Praying hands. Reu has got into the habit of holding his hands together like he's praying - too cute.

3) Giggles. He's a ticklish little chap and he chuckles lots when Scott dries his neck after the bath. He giggles when you give him an Eskimo kiss. He giggles when you smell his feet.

4) Using his hands.
These three were a progression
- Hitting. Reu learnt to hit the toys that hang down on his baby gym. He would lie for 15 minutes concentrating on hitting things and watching them move. Around this time Reu spotted that he has hands and feet and would spend ages looking at them and moving them in fascination.

- Grabbing. Reu then learnt to hold things in his hands and hold tight to the toys that hang on his baby gym. He also attempts to stroke textures in books. The concentration on his face is adorable.

- Putting things in his mouth. Anything at all. Toys, mummy and daddy's fingers, muslin cloths. The other day he was determined to bring the plastic toy that he'd grabbed on his baby gym to his mouth. It definitely wasn't going to reach but he has his father's determination/stubbornness - and his whole fist went white!

5) Chatting. The wee man enjoys a natter and occasionally a little monologue to get his feelings off his chest. Therapy sessions often go on mid- meal time.

6) Rolling. He's rolled over three times. Once with some assistance ('roll for the toy son!'), once when we were watching him, and once when I was out of the room and I noticed that the babe wasn't where I left him, nor was he on his tummy!

7) Sleeping. From 11.5 weeks (not that we were counting or anything!) Reu has slept through the night. Often for around 12 hours. We are so thankful to God for this and recognise that it's not a given that your babe will sleep well. I've gotta be honest though, we've loved getting sleep after those sleep deprived first few months.

8) Dramatic yawns. Reu has got into the habit of doing very loud, dramatic yawns, which always distract the people around them from what they're doing or saying.

9) Being affectionate. He often tries to grab your hands or to gently stroke your face. He just likes to know that you're there.

10) He's got much better at listening to his bible story. Instead of just crying or feeding he actually listens and smiles. V sweet.

11) Reu has started to take an interest in us eating. We put him in his bumbo and he watches us eat our tea at night. We all hold hands (Reu grabs a finger) for grace.

He's so much fun to be around at the moment (and he's pretty easy going). We're definitely enjoying him lots at this stage.