Thursday, 3 December 2015

Reu from 15-16 months

Reuben aged 15-16 months 

- Reuben has really progressed on the walking front. He went from walking in between people, to walking from one piece of furniture to the next, to venturing out to the middle of the room, to being a fully independent little (wobbly) walky talky as I like to call him

- Reu can say 'mmm' when you ask him what a cow says :) 
- He says 'mama' now! Hooray! 
- He can say 'again', 'dada' and 'bye bye' (well he's actually forgotten about bye bye recently, I think when he learns a new word it pushes the old one out! lol) 

- Reuben like to dance to sleeping bunnies. He lies down when the bunnies are sleeping and he jumps up and bounces when the bunnies are hopping. Very cute! 

- He loves the instruments at the library, snack time at playgroup and the little play room at Middleton grange. He's very aware of what's going on around him, and he points at balloons, cartoon characters and the the little rides that you see in town. He's definitely turning into a little boy, he's not just a baby anymore. 

- Reu continues to be a sociable little thing, and he's definitely most happy when he's around other people. He has a great time playing with all the kids from church, there's a fair amount of him getting passed around but he seems to love it. 

- Scott has trained Reuben to expect and love a snuggle in bed in the morning. Reu used to be hyper when he first woke up, now he has subdued snuggles with daddy for a few mins first.