Thursday, 7 August 2014

Things that I'll miss about Reuben as he grows older

My wee boy Reu is five weeks old now. Already he is doing new things and some of the cute things that did in the very early days he's grown out of.

So here's what I'll miss about the new born version of Reuben George.

1) The way he curls his body into the foetal position. It's so cute the way he crosses his legs... With his chubby tummy and thighs he really looks like a fat Buddha!

2) The cute (and at times frustrating) way that he panics when you put him down, but how he chills out and is so reassured when you pick him up to cuddle him.

3) His funny little expressions.... Shock; frowns; suspicious eyes; drunk on milk; contentment.

4) The way that he is so into us as his parents. He looks at us in a way that seems so contented and that says that he feels safe and secure. He loves us singing to him, cuddling him, feeding him and bathing him. I love how he looks at Scott adoringly with his happy big blue eyes when Scott is bathing him.

5)  I love the way Scott styles his hair after bath time, he's had spikey hair, a Mohican and a comb over.

6) His skin is so so soft.

7) The fact that I often when look at him - even in the middle of the night when he's screaming - I can't get over how cute and tiny he is. I can't help but smile!

8) The way that he is so curious. Since birth he would try and throw his head back to look at my face. This was a bit terrifying but endearing too!

9) His shark impersonation, when he is keen to get his food. Funny now, perhaps not when he's got teeth!

10) The sweet little noises he makes....squeaks, sighs, hiccups and whimpers.

It's sad that he's already grown out of his new born clothes and has stopped doing some of these things. But I'm excited to get to know his wee personality as he grows older, and I'm going to really enjoy watching him explore the world.

It's taken forever to actually get round to posting this and he's now 8 weeks old! Smiles galore but no more foetal position. Each stage has joys of it's own.