Sunday, 14 June 2015

Reuben aged 7-10 months

Well I don't get time to blog any more! The ipad belongs to Reuben. When he's awake I don't get a chance to use it. And when Reu is asleep the ipad is in his room with the white noise app on. Long gone are the leisurely feeds and internet surfing! He's grown and developed so much in the last few months that it's hard to remember what he started to do when, but I can certainly tell you some cute stories!

So the most revolutionary change in the last few months is that Reuben learnt to crawl! On the 17th Feb to be exact. He's certainly enjoying being able to explore and express himself more. Now he won't sit still.

Reu has always been a sociable little creature, enjoying snuggles with lots of different people. Since learning to crawl he's started crawling to other mums and trying to get up on their laps for snuggles (little flirt!) My favourite memory is when Caitlin had her little one (Ava) on one knee and Reu on the other. Reuben always climbs all over Linda the children's centre leader and gets lots of cuddles with her.

He started crawling slowly but then got much faster. One day I was sorting out paper work in the living room and I heard the door creak. I turned round and Reu had opened the slightly ajar door and started to explore the hall way. I called out 'reuben' and I heard the scuttling sound of Reuben crawling around the place and then little chap stuck his head back round the door with the cheekiest little smirk on his face! So sweet that he came back when I called his name.

It seems Reuben had about a million milestones in one week. Soon after learning to crawl he started to pull himself up to kneeling position and then standing position. Shortly after that he learnt to walk along using the sofa as support. Then he started doing it with just one hand.... He'll be walking by himself before long.

The little chap dances now. His favourite dancing tunes are the iPhone ringtone and 'who's a beautiful baby'. He often sticks his arms out in the air and then starts to jiggle about - I think the arms out are for balance as he's toppled over a few times from enthusiastic bobbing. He often has a really happy smile on his sweet face while he does it.

He likes wrestling with daddy. He has the sweetest belly laugh.

He absolutely loves watching birds. Sometimes I take him to the pond at the park so that he can watch the hundreds of ducks, pigeons and sea gulls squawking and flying around the place.

He loves food and he can feed himself very well. He can now have entire meals of finger food. Last night be had tuna pasta followed by grapes and he managed to put loads of it away.

He points at things.

I think he's starting to learn what 'no' means and he occasionally chooses to stop sucking on the taps when I tell him not to.

He's so much fun- he's into everything and is so energetic. He loves learning new things, making a mess, and he still loves making lots and lots of noise.

He can say 'dada' and an 'arrrr-men' sort of sound. He refuses to say 'mama'. Although occasionally when he's frustrated he makes a 'mam!' sound - cheeky monkey!

It's fun seeing more and more of his personality. He's a very fun, sociable, playful, cheeky, inquisitive, smiley and hungry little boy. He's also stubborn, boisterous, very noisy (the other mums think so!) and a monkey when it comes to sleeping. We love him lots; quirks and all.