Monday, 19 January 2015

Reuben aged 5-6 months

It feels like Reuben has grown and developed loads in the last couple of months. He looks and acts less like a new born and more like a little person. He's so much more aware of what's going on around him and he's become very playful.

It's been a really fun time but also a tricky time in some ways, with teething trouble, a couple of colds, weaning, and developmental leaps leading to some trouble sleeping. He's gone from sleeping 11-12 hours every night to waking at least a couple of times in the night for for a feed and a cuddle. But when you consider all that he's been learning and doing and all the ways he's been developing over the last couple of months, perhaps it's no surprise. He's still so much fun. He's a smiley, giggly, sociable baby. He loves cuddles and he loves being the centre of attention. We love having him around.

So here's what he's been up to:

- He's got into the habit of latching on to my chin and using it as a dummy. It's very funny and cute. On Christmas Eve he got his first tooth through. A few days later he gave me a love bite on the chin and I think he will cut his second tooth any day now.

- He does this cute little monkey impersonation. When you change his nappy, he wraps his legs around your arms and holds on tight.

- He giggles when you tickle him but he also giggles when you speak to him in funny voices and pull silly faces.

- Just after the six month mark he learnt (with some help from daddy) to roll from back to front. He 
had been rolling front to back for some while. Just after he learnt this he just kept rolling and rolled straight off our bed and face planted onto the floor. He got quite a shock but was absolutely fine. 

- Daddy also helped to teach him to sit up all by himself. He learnt to balance unsupported just after he turned six months old. It's transformed his playtime. He doesn't play with baby gyms anymore, now he just sits up and plays with (munches on) toys. Now he prefers to sit up in the bath, but when he does lie in the bath, splashing the water with his legs is his favourite thing. We get drenched!

- He's a very tactile, affectionate and cuddly baby. Just this evening Scott and I were having a little kiss (while I was holding Reu on my hip) and he squeaked then leaned right in with his mouth wide open to make sure he didn't get left out.

- Because he's tactile he loves to reach out and stroke your face. 
He's been struggling to adjust to sleeping in his own bed as he just loves knowing that we're next to him. He loves to have his hands held, to stroke your face or to have your cheek pressed up against his. Scott and I have cumulatively spent hours hanging over into his cot with our cheeks pressed up to his to help him sleep. Utterly ridiculous but sort of sweet. He'll cringe at the thought of this someday, so we'll just enjoy this season for what it is.

- He's now grabbing his feet and sticking them in his mouth. I noticed that he managed to munch on three toes at one time the other day!

- He seems keen to crawl. He often dives onto his tummy and reaches out for things. The sometimes moves his feet and hands in crawling-like motions. Daddy is trying to help him learn (I'm fairly keen on him staying stationary for a little longer- well, at least till we get the safety gates up!) 

- The other day I glanced the beginnings of him playing/ being rivals with another baby. Alice and 
him were sharing(?)/ both trying to grab the same toy. There was lots of interaction between them. Alice scratched his face and he cried (and so it begins!) Alice is 5 weeks older. It won't be long till he tries to get his own back. Not that I'll encourage it of course! I got a chance to glance at what life will look like for the next few years, there will be lots of behavioural management and teaching of manners. It's a bit sad that this angelic little bundle will start to assert himself soon, although exciting too. 

- Reu has started being very expressive with his crying. He doesn't just cry now, he looks at you for sympathy and he has a pet lip.

- He's started holding out his arms to be picked up. I absolutely love it! I was his preference over Sophie the giraffe the other day, and because I was thrilled, he of course got a cuddle! I'll encourage independent play another day ;)

- We started weaning when Reu turned 5 months old. It was slow initially. The first couple of weeks he just had baby rice with pear. He wasn't too fussed on that. But the night he tried broccoli and potato we saw quite a transformation! He was all smiles. We've tried a mix of purées and finger food, and I'd say that the last couple of weeks we've really turned a corner. He has a longer attention span, he looks forward to food and he often gobbles it up. He's not a fussy eater but I'd say his favourites so far are, sprout, broccoli, potato, cheese, oranges, pears, banana and Greek yogurt. With eating being a bit more of a varied experience these days, Reu will take a bottle of milk enthusiastically. He likes to help by holding the bottle with two hands- so sweet!

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