Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Reu aged 21-24 months

Our boy has turned two! Reu's developing so quickly at the moment that we can't keep track. But here's an attempt to remember...

- Reu has really developed in coordination and courage. He's able to climb the big climbing frames independently at the Raby Arms pub, Ward Jackson park,  Stranton school, Summerhill and now the Parker's house! The other day he was right on top of the monkey bars! Daddy ran over to retrieve him.

- Reu enjoys a little kick about. The other day he giggled lots when I kicked the ball and my slipper flew off into the air.

- Daddy and Reuben created a 'special den' with blankets the other day. Now he asks for it all the time.

- Reu goes to swimming lessons with daddy. He loves swimming and asks to go all the time. We went on holiday to a haven caravan park and made the most of the pool while we were there.

His speech has developed loads. People frequently comment on how confident and chatty he is. Reuben only really has one volume for his voice though - very loud!

Here's a list of some things he says, there are far too many to remember but here's a snippet:

- 'crumpet, no crumpet?'
- 'strawberry ice cream!'
- 'no like it'
- 'gabby' (aka dummy)
- 'incy spider'
- 'mummy help'
-'mummy/daddy cuddle'
-'change nappy'
-'Bob, Nikki, Ophie'
-'twinkle star' - he had a nightmare the other night. I went in to comfort him and through sobs he said 'no more twinkle star!' Who knows what he was dreaming about!

- He likes counting and often gets into his teens.

The other day when he was meant to be napping I could hear that he was wide awake over the baby monitor. I was treated to 2 hours of Reuben signing, counting to twelve and chattering away to himself. He sang lots of rounds of 'bye, bye daddy see you soon' with verses of 'mummy' and 'poppet' too, as well as the 'go jetters' song. I could also hear him saying 'watch fireman Sam!'

He continues to be an extrovert. He loves people, loves going round to people's houses and he likes to say their names and ask if we're going to see them today? I have to be careful to not mention people too long before we're going to visit or he gets upset that they aren't here yet. I have to be especially careful when mentioning the parkers, he tried to get out of the front door to see them!

Reuben loves singing and he's started singing more Christian songs too, 'glory, glory to our God, behold our kiiiing', 'I believe in yooou'
He's started singing along with us now and not just stopping to listen when we start singing - his timing, tune and rhythm are getting better and better.

Reu has had a few transitions recently. He moved into his big boy bedroom, stopped having a bottle of milk before bed, and transitioned from the sleeping bag to the duvet.

His bedtime routine is a bit different now, he has a bath, a bible story and pray and then goes to bed. Every night we so him what he'd like to pray about and every night he says, 'simi, timo, eke'

His first proper prayer was thanks for 'simi my friend, Apple yum yum'. V cute!