Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Reu aged 17-18 months

- Reuben has started speaking. He's mastered animal noises and 'mama' 'dada' type words, and now he repeats words I say for actual things. 'Car', 'ball', 'go' 'bye!' And 'Poop' are amongst his favourite.

- Reuben is obsessed with Thomas the tank engine. He loves reading his Thomas books, he loves wearing his Thomas t-shirts, he loves playing with Thomas toys, and he is thrilled with his new Thomas slippers and Thomas advent Calendar.

- Reuben has a special friend, bunny. Or as he has called him 'Dee'. He loves snuggling bunny, playing hide and seek with bunny and playing 'sleeping bunnies' with bunny. Reu makes bunny do the actions, including going to sleep and hopping up and down. It's very sweet.

- Reuben just loves animals! Pictures of animals, videos of animals, real life animals,he  thinks they're amazing.

- Reu loves autumn. Mud, puddles and crunchy leaves are a big hit. Cutely, Reu sometimes picks up the leaves and then reaches up to the tree branches (which of course he can't reach because he's tiny and the trees are very very big) and he tries to reach up to attach the leaves back on again.

- Reu and Athol are good buddies. Reu giggles lots when Athol chases him, and they both love cuddles when Athol rugby tackles him to the ground. Then it all starts over again.

- The little man has become much more independent recently, he wanders off at play groups and gets on with his own little thing. He likes collecting all the bean bag creatures and putting them in the shopping bag and then walking around with his bag. He's far less likely to tumble or put toys in his mouth these days. My baby is getting big and he doesn't really need me anymore. Although he does still bring toys and books over to me to show me what he's found :)

- Reu enjoyed Christmas (although he was a little bit ill for some of it). His speech really progressed over the holidays and he learnt some special Christmas words, 'choc choc', 'copter' 'tree' 'claws' and 'box'.

- Opening the windows in his advent calendar was a source of great excitement to Reu, although he showed uncharacteristic self control when it came to leaving the next chocolate for the next day. He would open all the windows he could, then shut them all again, and then push the calendar away and say 'bye!' Maybe he loves delayed gratification like his parents.

- He was thrilled on Christmas Day when he went into the living room and saw his presents including a Thomas the Tank Engine scooter. He exclaimed 'car!' When he saw it and immediately climbed onto it.

- We went to visit the Lintotts for a few days over New Year. He absolutely adored Owen, and would grab books and hop on his lap in expectation of a story. He copied what he did too, including a naughty trick - shaking his plate with all the food on it to watch it jiggle about!

- While we were in fressingfield we went to the play area and Reu went on the swing, we were all saying 'weeee!' and then he started saying 'poop!' The more we said 'wee' the more he said 'poop!' it was very funny.

- On the poop front, Reu started to hide behind his chair and read a book while doing his business. He would often tell us what was about to happen.... Perhaps potty training isn't too far off.

- Our boy is absolutely full of fun and energy. He doesn't do things by half measures. When he sleeps he sleeps (for 13 hours at night, and 2 hours in the day, praise God for the respite!) when he eats he eats (he doesn't get all those comments about his weight for no reason) and when he plays he really goes for it. He's an inquisitive, sociable, happy little thing. He's also strong-willed, strong and fairly wild. He's everything I've been told a little boy should be, affectionate, energetic and clingy! He is very jealous when I'm around other babies.... Something to work on.

- I love him more than words can say and he brings me more joy then I ever could have imagined. All that being said, I've never need God's grace more or needed sleep so much :) where do they get their energy from?